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Why think essays

Why think essays Uniqueness is a personal quality many people strive for. It is defined in the Merriam Webster Online Dictionary as: being without a like or equal. One can acquire this quality by thinking. When one thinks they express their opinions, ideas, intentions, expectations, judgments, conceptions, or reflections about anything possible. Without thinking people would just do anything that came into their minds without weighing the positives or negatives in effect maybe even causing harm to others. It would be so much easier to brainwash a person because one knows that they are not going to have an opinion and just concur. This is what has been happening in society and it has taken over. People are not necessarily thinking for us but they are influencing our judgments. This is why it is necessary to think and express our thoughts it is not only wise for the individual but for the well being of society. Many believe that when thinking is permitted into the wrong hands or to people who dont hav e the mental capabilities to judge good from bad it will ruin society. They believe there should be an overlying heavy force controlling our thoughts to protect mankind. A philosopher by the name of Jean-Jacques Rousseau believes that the general will can only be truly effective if each citizen expresses only his own opinion (Cahn 431). Karl Marx also believes that without thinking thoroughly we would be losing ourselves. The brain is the most powerful part of our body. It controls when we eat, sleep, wake, and all other life activities. It is the boss of our body. Without the brain we would all be the same. Wed be lifeless bodies and there would be nothing that would differentiate us from the next person except for physical appearance. The largest part of the brain is the cerebrum. It makes up 85 percent of the brain and is in charge of thinking. This is the one difference between human beings and animals...

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Overview of the US Civil War Battle of Richmond

Overview of the US Civil War Battle of Richmond In 1862, Confederate Major General Kirby Smith ordered an offensive into Kentucky. The advance team was led by Brigadier General Patrick R. Cleburne who had his cavalry led by Colonel John S. Scott out front. On August 29th, the cavalry began a skirmish with Union troopers on the road to Richmond, Kentucky. By noon, the Union infantry and artillery had joined the fight, causing the Confederates to retreat to Big Hill. Pressing his advantage, Union Brigadier General Mahlon D. Manson sent a brigade to march towards Rogersville and the Confederates. Dates August 29-30, 1862 Location Richmond, Kentucky Key Individuals Involved Union: Major General William NelsonConfederate: Major General E. Kirby Smith Outcome Confederate Victory. 5,650 casualties of which 4,900 were Union soldiers. Overview of the Battle The day ended with a brief skirmish between the Union forces and Cleburne’s men. During the evening both Manson and Cleburne discussed the situation with their superior officers. Union Major General William Nelson ordered another brigade to attack. Confederate Major General Kirby Smith gave Cleburne the order to attack and promised reinforcements. In the early morning hours, Cleburne marched north, won against Union skirmishers, and approached the Union line near Zion Church. Over the course of the day, reinforcements arrived for both sides. After exchanging artillery fire, the troops attacked. The Confederates were able to push through the Union right, causing them to retreat to Rogersville. They tried to make a stand there. At this point, Smith and Nelson had taken command of their own armies. Nelson attempted to rally the troops, but the Union soldiers were routed. Nelson and some of his men were able to escape. However, by the end of the day, 4,000 Union soldiers were captured. More significantly, the way north was open for the Confederates to advance.

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Integration Paper - MBA Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Integration Paper - MBA - Assignment Example The key to proper segmentation is to identify the bases that would produce substantial, accessible and measurable segments. Markets are segmented based on variables such as age group, gender and education along with other relevant factors (Lamb, Hair & McDaniel, 2011, p. 262). MBA market place can be segmented as institutional market which is a consumer market and is composed of large number of buyers who purchases in volume quantities. Organisations which are involved in the institutional market include businesses, non profit organisations, schools and universities also (Pride & Ferrell, 2011, p. 251). Therefore the market place of MBA is segment as institutional market comprising of large number of students demanding for more knowledge and better skills. Target market University of Liverpool has segmented its market as institutional buyers forming consisting of large number of members demanding similar kind of needs. Selecting an appropriate target market is important for the insti tution as it enhances the strategic planning process. The University of Liverpool has targeted the students of high quality and who wants to develop the skills as an effective manager as well as have the urge to become potential leader (University of Liverpool, n.d). ... In addition, participants who wish to study online are also the suitable target market. It can be seen in the university has promoted the facility of online degree through its websites and has positioned itself as a management group which offers students and participants not only class room based teaching but also online courses enabling distance students to learn and acquire the managerial skills required to excel in the practical field of life and workplace. Positioning The positioning strategy adopted by the University of Liverpool can be said is to provide knowledge and skills to all those who wants to learn and develop managerial skills and it is depicted properly in the website of the university. The university caters for part time as well as full time students and guided by a flexible approach to learning through the provision of online degree (University of Liverpool-a, n.d). Therefore the university has been targeting the top rank students from across the globe and provide w orld class learning and training facilities along with online learning both for students and professionals who has the desire to learn and expertise in their skills. The university has positioned as a school where learning happens to make a difference. Reflect on own your reason for choosing to undertake your MBA at the University of Liverpool. To what extent do theses match the strategy identified above? Reason for choosing the University of Liverpool to undergo MBA course The reason for choosing the University of Liverpool is because of the opportunity that it provides to the students and encourages the students to develop business and specialise in the field of management through a wide range of electives made available to the students. The

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Financial analysis and management Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 words

Financial analysis and management - Assignment Example It has been observed that profitability ratios have been fluctuating for the airlines in recent years with major setback in the fiscal year 2011-12. However, both the airlines have experienced increase in their liquidity ratios in the fiscal year 2012-13 with Emirates showing higher rate of increase indicating that the companies are in a good financial position to pay off their short term and long term loans and obligations. From investment ratios it has been observed that British Airlines is in a better equity position than the Emirates. This means British Airlines is more efficient in utilizing shareholders’ equity for garnering profit making it more lucrative company for prospective shareholders. Aviation industry is concerned with manufacturing and flying of commercial aircrafts. This industry provides the most rapid transportation network connecting every country in this world. The contribution of aviation industry on international business and tourism is immense. Aviation industry provides employment opportunities on the line of many activities including aircraft maintenance and ground-based infrastructure. The industry plays a very prominent role in a country’s economic structure. As economic development has increased air transport demand across the world, the industry itself is considered as a catalyst of economic growth. Providing a network of transport between all countries, the aviation industry allows easy access to the global market thus enhancing productivity leading to growth of economy. Increased air travel between two countries can have a great positive impact on the GDP of both countries. For instance, growth in air service between Poland and UK since 2 003 has paved the way for long term GDP growth in Poland by US$634 million every year while UK has been benefited with annual GDP growth by US$45 million. Also, since increased connectivity

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Free Terrorism Essays: We Need the United Nations :: September 11 Terrorism Essays

We Need the United Nations in Our War Against Terror The United Nations has often been criticized, but events after the terrorist attack of September 11 show how essential it is to international peace and security. The United Nations Security Council, in particular, has proved its value in the present crisis. To combat terrorism, and specifically Osama bin Laden's network and the governments of Iran, Iraq, North Korea and other countries, a broad and diverse coalition is necessary. President Bush quickly realized that the active cooperation of other countries, including Muslim countries, was essential to the intelligence and policy work needed to find terrorists and destroy their networks. The support of these countries was also important to avoid a severe political backlash against the use of military force in Afghanistan. To secure such cooperation and support, country-by-country negotiations were necessary, but they were not sufficient. The campaign against terrorism needed to be rendered legitimate in the eyes of the world - particularly in countries whose governments and people are suspicious of the United States. Unilateral American action could have too easily been portrayed as lashing-out by the powerful "hegemon" at the expense of the poor and the weak. To be legitimate, action had to be authorized collectively, in a public forum representing the whole world. No such forum exists except the Security Council of the United Nations. Its fifteen members currently include three Muslim countries - Bangladesh, Mali, and Tunisia. Hence unanimous resolutions by the Security Council belie the claim that efforts against terrorism are "anti-Muslim." The Security Council has passed two unanimous resolutions on terrorism since September 11. Meeting in New York the very next day, it adopted Resolution 1368, which unequivocally condemned the terrorist attacks on the United States, and called on the international community to redouble its "efforts to prevent and suppress terrorist acts." Resolution 1368 also referred to the "inherent right of individual or collective self-defense," in accordance with Article 51 of the United Nations Charter. In effect, it declared that military action by the United States against those responsible for the attacks would be lawful. Last Friday, September 28, the Security Council passed a more specific and equally far-reaching resolution, Resolution 1373. In this resolution it acted under Chapter VII of the UN Charter, which gives the Security Council authority to order states to carry out "the measures decided upon by the Security Council.

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Ms Darcy vs Big Car Company Essay

In the case of Ms. Darcy vs. Big Car Company, I agree with the judge’s decision. Ms. Darcy did prove that Clarence was in fact her supervisor; Mr. Clarence’s behavior did constitute as sexual harassment towards Ms. Darcy, and was put into a hostile work environment while around Mr. Clarence, his supervisors, and the treatment after making a complaint to HR. As a juror, I would find that Clarence was a supervisor. That his actions were sexual harassment, and there was a hostile work environment. Clarence did have the authority to assign team members to tasks and monitored their activity. He was able to get whomever he wanted to work on his team, if he requested them. There is also the fact that one of the senior supervisors telling Ms. Darcy, â€Å"What Clarence wants, Clarence gets.† Mr. Clarence’s behavior of vulgar, lewd, and sexual gestures with his hands and tongue was sexual harassment. His actions of propositioning her in a sexually graphic language, asking if â€Å"she ever had a man’s finger up her butt, forcibly trying to kiss and invite her to have sex with him,† are all seen as objectively offensive for any reasonable person. Mr. Clarence’s actions of rubbing his body up against hers either throughout the day or every day is frequent enough to be sexual harassment. Ms. Darcy was put into a hostile work environment when she went to Clarence’s supervisor to tell him that she was uncomfortable with his behavior, but was laughed at, and told that is just Clarence’s behavior. The demotion and put into a dirty work station that would only get closer to Clarence’s work station for coming forward could also be seen as hostile. The fact that Clarence would use the â€Å"f† word while making suggestive moves, saying the turning him away only turns him on even more, and grabbing her ponytail can all be viewed as threatening and hostile. The Judge’s and my decision did prove that Clarence was Ms. Darcy’s supervisor, his actions were sexual harassment, and Ms. Darcy was put into a hostile work environment.

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I First Learned About The Field Of Social Work At The End

I first learned about the field of Social Work at the end of my freshman year of college and, once I started to explore what it really is, I knew I had found something I wanted to be a part of. I love listening to people’s stories and the opportunity that this profession brings to hear such diverse stories from people from all walks of life is an aspect that I think interests many. I find it inspiring to learn the ways in which humans are able to overcome challenges, endure hardships, and grow from them in ways that make them stronger people. What really drives my passion for social work, though, stems from a variety of personal experiences that I believe make me uniquely qualified to relate with certain populations. These have instilled†¦show more content†¦While I gained a small understanding of the unsettling emotions that come along with homelessness, I still had a lot to learn about aspects of this problem that social work deals with. I knew that if this was an a rea I wanted to work in, I needed to know more about the root causes of homelessness. I wanted to understand what part of this matter is a result of underlying systemic issues, how to change the policies that influence those, how to best relate with this population of people, and the most effective solutions to see results in the ending of homelessness. While there are several other issues I am passionate about working with, this was the initial one that pushed me to social work. In the past year alone, through the social work classes I have started taking, I have already begun to gain a much better understanding of this issue, in addition to many others in which social workers are able to make changes in. All that I have learned has only made me more confident in the fact that this is a field I want to be in. Along with the experiences that have led me to be interested in social work, there have been others that have created strengths in me that can be beneficial to a social worker . I have moved around my entire life. Getting to live in all four corners of the country, I have been exposed to a variety of diverse people and places. Because of this, I have gained an ability to assimilate well into whatever new setting I amShow MoreRelatedThe Field Of Development And Myself Than Ever Before1109 Words   |  5 PagesSkills Learned Over the course of three months I have learned more about the field of development and myself than ever before. There were many things that surprised me, both positively and negatively, but as a whole much more in the positive realm. Having a CO-OP directly in my field of study, especially as my first placement, has given me insight into what I already do well and areas for improvement, but also insight into where I see myself one day. Some of the integral skills my summer at GACRead MoreEssay On Social Work1561 Words   |  7 PagesSocial work is my second decision. I had been going to Henry Ford Community College for four years and was not sure what University I wanted to attend. I always knew the profession, I chose would primarily be focused on helping others. I thought about going to culinary arts school. However, I kept hearing the Lord lead me to social work, I was sure that helping young people has always been my calling. Social specialists don t just enable individuals to utilize their assets and insight to individualsRead MoreAnalysis of the Class Orientation to Psychology Essay1371 Words   |  6 PagesTaking the Orientation to Psychology class my first semester at Seton Hall University was probably the most beneficial part of my college experience thus far. Although I came into college confidently declared as a psychology major, I didn’t really know what this meant or entailed prior to taking this course. This course taught me valuable information about myself, about the field of psychology, and about how I can mold those two together. All that I’ve learned this semester in Orientation to PsychologyRead MoreWhy Are You Applying For A Job At Legacy Marketing Partners?961 Words   |  4 PagesMarketing Partners? I am applying for a job at Legacy because I want to be a part of the work that the company does and am intrigued by the clients you have. I love the vibrancy of the office and casual, upbeat culture at Legacy. I want a job that allows me to creatively brainstorm with others, to communicate with clients, and to be able to inspire the public with engaging campaigns. 2. What are your career goals? My career goals are to get a job in the field of experiential marketing. I want a positionRead MoreMy Experience At This Internship1561 Words   |  7 PagesAt this internship, I was able to learn many lessons. Those lessons can be applied to any field, but also give me a competitive edge when applying for jobs in the Venture Capital industry. Many of the lessons I have learned were through hearing the stories of other people who have succeeded in the industry, and give me knowledge of what to expect the next few years of my life. Knowing that others are having the same issues as me, and indecision about which field they want to pursue is comfortingRead MorePersonal Statement. My Aspirations Within The Field Are1315 Words   |  6 Pagesaspirations within the field are to advocate for social change and advance the quality of life of the underrepresented Latino community in the City of Philadelphia. I am certain that earning a Master in Social Work will equip me with the tools nece ssary to do this in a caring and supportive way. I am a firm believer of social change and that by helping our communities, change can be achieved. I am passionate about children, families and minorities. Being from a minority group myself, I am able to relateRead MoreThe Core Values Of Social Work1011 Words   |  5 PagesThroughout this course we learned the foundation of Social Work, how it began and how eventually it branched out. The importance of Social Policies, Social Justice, meeting all human needs and understanding the core ethical values of Social Work. We learned how it all began with the church, we can even go further back to the Native Americans and Pilgrim times. Where the first display of Social Work took place then and there, we were able to learn that with Edwin in his first Presentation that gave usRead MoreAn Evaluation Of A Interview With A Mental Health Agency That Works With Adults, Children And Their Families915 Words   |  4 PagesAgency Information Heartfelt is a mental health agency that works with adults, children and their families who deal with any type of behavior or mental health problem since 2006 at 1100 Logger Ct, Raleigh NC 27609. It mission is â€Å"to provide culturally competent, and professionally sound mental health, foster care, youth development and family support services to empower our community one child and one family at a time† (.....). The services that Heartfelt offers to clients are intensive in-homeRead MoreTo Complete My Hours For This Course, I Decided To Have1731 Words   |  7 Pagescourse, I decided to have my shadowing experience as an observer of a Registered Nurse. This was a beneficial decision for me because not only do I want to be a nurse myself, but I have also recently applied for a RN program. Considering this, I wanted to obtain the most I could through this experience. When I first started this experience, I was nervous. The reason being that my only other experience was through observing an athletic trainer; But this was different because it was the field I wouldRead MoreClassroom Observation Analysis : The Goal Of Footwork Frisbee 1672 Words   |  7 PagesNumber of Students: 20 Grade Level: 9th-12th Goals: The goal of Footwork Frisbee is to get the frisbee into the end zone by either throwing or running the Frisbee into the end zone. Students are unable to take more than three steps with the ball, so they must utilize their three steps, pivots, passes and teammates in order to score. The goal of this activity is to inform students about how to build healthy habits, stay active and in shape, and build teamwork skills. Objectives: -Psychomotor: Students